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In my lunch box that doesn’t require cooking Today, I present the Cheese Board Lunch Box to you! This lunch box is for anyone who would be perfectly content munching on a charcuterie plate to eat dinner instead of serving it as something to serve as an appetizer for dinner. Just be careful that this lunch box will likely make you want to pour a glass of wine at lunch!

For my lunch box that doesn’t require cooking, This time, I’m bringing you the Cheese Board Lunch Box! This lunch box is for all who are perfectly content munching on a charcuterie plate for dinner rather than as an appetizer. Just be careful the lunch box is likely to ma. Theou want to sip a glass of wine at lunch!


For keeping your crackers crisp and delicious, You’ll likely want to wrap your crackers in a separate sandwich box or waxed newspaper to keep moisture from the other ingredients. I didn’t (because I was in a hurry), so my crackers became slightly soft, but I still enjoyed the package quite a lot over the following four days.


Pyrex manufactures the containers, and they are my preferred containers for meal preparation. They’re not divided. However, their single compartment makes them extremely versatile. Additionally, the lid is easy to snap on and doesn’t have moving parts that could break. You can find a link to these containers at the lower part of the can the card’s lower part ($2.12)

Four oz. salami ($1.99)

$20 crackers ($0.74)

16 dried Apricots ($1.40)

1 cup of walnuts ($1.20)


Cut the cheese into pieces. Wrap five crackers into sandwich bags with a fold-top or waxed paper.

Split the salami of cheese, rolled snacks, dried apricots and walnuts among four containers. Keep them in the refrigerator until you are ready to eat or for as long as five days.

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