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The recipe for this Penne Pasta with Sausage and Greens is one of my top “sweep the kitchen” recipes. It’s a simple pasta and sauce dish made with Italian sausage and frozen greens in the fridge (I “sweep the kitchen” and then use any leftovers). I added a bit of feta to the pasta to give it an extra kick. That is all that was needed for this delicious and filling meal that kept me going throughout the week. I like simplicity!


The Italian sausage was a great addition to the dish, adding lots of flavor to the pasta. Italian sausage is cooked with lots of spices and herbs, and when the pasta sits in the fridge and is chilled, the wonderful herbs are infused into the whole dish. I used spicy Italian sausage. However, you can also substitute mild or sweet Italian sausage in place.


As mentioned in the recipe, Italian sausage provides a lot of flavor. Therefore, if you want to go vegetarian, I recommend making substitutes for the link, such as a vegan Italian sausage replacement or adding some additional Italian seasoning to compensate for the herbs in the link.


Yes! This is one of the significant aspects of making this dish of pasta. If it’s more than the amount you can eat within 4-5 days, go ahead and store half the portion for later. I would suggest breaking the pot into separate bits immediately after cooking, and once all the parts have been cooled, move one piece to the freezer. This way, you can easily take one and heat it each time (microwave).


12 oz. penne pasta ($1.49)

1 Tablespoon olive oil ($0.16)

Three links Italian sausage (about 12 OZ.) ($2.99)

Two cloves of garlic ($0.16)

One yellow onion ($0.42)

1 28oz. can of crushed tomatoes ($1.39)

1 6oz. container tomatoes ($0.56)

One teaspoon of dried or air-dried basil ($0.10)

3/4 tsp salt ($0.05)

Black pepper freshly cracked ($0.05)

One tablespoon brown sugar ($0.02)

1/4 lb. frozen broccoli ($0.47)

1/4 lb. frozen spinach ($0.47)

2 oz. feta ($0.87)


The pasta should be cooked according to the instructions on the package (boil for 7-10 mins or until it is all in a bite). The pasta should be rinsed in a strainer.

While the pasta cooks while the pasta is cooking, add the sausage links into a large pot with one tablespoon of olive oil. Cook the sausage on low heat for approximately five minutes or until they’re slightly crispy and soft enough to cut.

While the sausage cooks, chop the garlic into small pieces and cut the onion into slices. Take the sausage from the skillet and add the garlic and onion in the same place. Sauté the garlic and onion in the pot for about 3 minutes, and allow the moisture to melt the brown bits accumulated in the base of the pan. In the meantime, cut your sausage into small medallions. Add the sausage slices to the pot when the onions are soft and translucent. Let it cook for 5 minutes, and cook until cooked.

Incorporate the canned tomatoes that have been crushed, basil, tomato paste, salt, pepper, and brown sugar into the saucepan. Make sure the tomato paste gets evenly mixed along with tomato sauce.

Add the spinach and broccoli to the pot, mix to combine, and let it heat through while stirring now and then. At this point, the pasta should be cooked and rinsed. Add the drained pasta back into the pan and stir to combine. Add the feta to the pot, mix until it all comes together, and serve.

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