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Salmorejo is a famous chilled Spanish soup that is delicious, creamy and an excellent method to use the summer tomatoes and the bread that has been sitting for a while! I tried Salmorejo for the first time in Barcelona and was captivated by the delicious, velvety tanginess. Since it’s easy to make and extremely elegant, the Salmorejo recipe is my first choice for throwing a summer-themed dinner party, especially when I don’t wish to shell out a fortune or spend time in a hot kitchen.


As with Gazpacho, Salmorejo is prepared with the freshest tomatoes, garlic, and olive oil. The significant difference is that these tomatoes get mixed with the day-old bread before being strained, making this cold and summery soup have a smooth texture and silky mouthfeel.


It’s funny how excited I will be to bring this dish out for you! I am in love with it! I will make 350 servings this week to host a glitzy event in Portland. Since the soup only has two ingredients, getting the highest quality you can pay for is essential. Here are the ingredients you’ll need to make Salmorejo.

Tomatoes are the main ingredient of this soup, which is cold and summery. Any tomato will work so long as it’s delicious and well-ripe. To give depth, I usually mix diverse varieties of tomatoes such as cherry, grape, and plum. I also use heirloom as well as beefsteak tomatoes. I wouldn’t suggest making this recipe if you’re not a fan of tomatoes.

Old-fashioned Crusty White bread gives the body and the texture of the soup. Use a Baguette, Ciabatta, Boule, or a Country Loaf. Avoid sliced wheat or white bread because the dough’s stabilizers and preservatives make the soup gooey. If the bread you use is freshly baked, cut off the crust into cubes large enough to place on a sheet pan, and then dry it in a 250 deg F oven for 10 to 15 hours or so until the bread sets.

Olive Oil -helps to flavor soups and gives them a distinctive velvety mouthfeel. If you aren’t happy with the olive oil’s smell, don’t put it in this soup recipe. There’s no way to hide the taste with only a few ingredients. It is possible to find excellent olive oil at your local grocery store for a reasonable price. Make sure you know what you are looking for: extra-virgin, cold-pressed, and packed with a dark-colored glass bottle or, if you prefer, a stainless steel container. California Olive Ranch, Trader Joe’s The 365 brand, Simple Truth, and Bertolli are excellent budget-friendly options.

Vinegar adds a bit of acidity. Choose a rounder, less acidic vinegar like sherry, red wine, and apple cider. If the tomatoes you use seem extremely sour and tangy, you should not use the vinegar.

Garlic adds a lot of flavors. Leave it out if you’re not a fan of garlic or garlic, but the soup won’t taste great. Mix an onion cube in your soup instead of.


3 lbs tomatoes ($6.57)

1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil ($0.72)

1 lb of white bread that is crusty ($2.00)

Three cloves of garlic ($0.24)

1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar ($0.06)

1/2 cup of water ($0.00)

1/4 tsp salt ($0.01)

One tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil (optional garnish) ($0.18)


Cut the tomato into quarters and take out the white, hard center. Then, chop them up roughly. Chop the garlic cloves roughly. Mix the vinegar with the water. Take the crust off the bread and cut it into large cubes.

Put the tomatoes, water garlic, bread, and water in the blender. Blend until smooth. Don’t over-blend, as it can result in a gummy texture. If you use smaller blenders, break the ingredients in half and blend them in batches.

When the blender runs at a low speed, drizzle slowly into olive oil, then add salt. Blend for another or two; if you need to, add more salt according to your preference. Cover and cool the soup in the fridge for at least 30 minutes before serving.

Pour the soup through a fine mesh sieve before plating. Use the handle of a spoon to work through the process quickly. The sieve should be empty of solids.

Add drizzles of olive oil, and then sit back to have a delicious soup for summer!

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