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This post isn’t an actual recipe but rather an idea for a meal or an example of how I create meals at the moment using what’s in the fridge. I’ve written about my breakfast bowls with savory ingredients before, but recently, I discovered a new element that can transform your bowl into Hummus. Hummus providesHummusamy a sweet, tangy component to the bowl, which elevates it to the next level. It’s also because I made it. Four varieties of Hummus! The other Hummus’m almost at Hummus Breakfast Bowl heaven this week.


If you’re a breakfast with a flavor fan like me, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the ease and versatility of these breakfast bowls with hummus. All you should Hummusn hands are eggs, the frozen section of broccoli (or spinach),, rice cooked, and hummus. The main ingredHummusare those. Everything else is adaptable. Other things I enjoy adding to my bowls of breakfast occasionally are sriracha and sesame seeds and Kimchi (using both hummKimchi kimchi couldHummusbit tKimchih at first, but I’ve learned to love it), chopped green onions and coconut oil (mixed in the brown rice with broccoli) leftover rotisserie chicken or any other vegetables I have within the refrigerator.


1 cup cooked rice ($0.19)

Four frozen broccoli florets ($0.21)

One egg large, softboiled or cooked ($0.27)

2 Tbsp of hummus ($0.19)

Pinch of hummus and black pepper ($0.05)

A bit of sesame seeds ($0.05)

Sriracha for taste ($0.05)


Then, soft boil or fry an egg with the yolk still running to create an additional “sauce” for the bowl.

As the egg cooks, you can add cooked broccoli and rice florets to the bowl. Microwave at high speed for 1 minute or until the rice becomes hot, and then the broccoli florets are cooked.

Incorporate the hummus, the cooked egg Hummusme salt, black pepper, broccoli, and rice. Sprinkle sriracha on top and drizzle sesame seeds on the top. Enjoy!

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Joseph M. Kay

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