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The creamy, herbaceous, and super soft Green Goddess Dressing was a hit, with everyone in our studio eating it right from the bowl! It’s so versatile and simple to prepare; you can serve it alongside an easy side salad and mix it into a salad. You can do the dressing as a dip, along with an assortment of snowpeas and baby carrots. The only downside is that it’s more expensive than most homemade dressings. However, it’s perfect for those with a garden with herbs or a plethora of herbs you want to use. It’s also clear which ingredients are in there. (I cannot identify half the elements in a top-of-the-line Green Goddess dressing because so many are chemical preservatives.


1923, San Francisco developed the bright and herbaceous first Green Goddess dress as an homage to an actor from the musical The Green Goddess. Many versions of the Green Goddess exist, but the fundamental ingredients are the same. The original recipe utilized fresh anchovies, herbs, mayonnaise, and lemon juice. My recipe stays true to traditions by combining herbs but reduces the recipe considerably to be cost-effective.


This is an excellent salad dressing that is perfect for summer and is delicious with a rich salad. It’s also a fantastic method to use your fresh herbs in your pantry. Feel at ease to play around with this list of ingredients. Use delicate herbs and leave those with a woody flavor (like Rosemary) for different recipes. Here’s what you require to prepare amazing Green Goddess Dressing:

Italian Parsley, Basil, and Fennel Fronds are the greens in the Green Goddess. Fennel fronds impart an astringent black licorice taste and can be substituted for tarragon. It is possible to add any other fresh herbs you would like to use, like mint or dill. The secret to success with the Green Goddess dressing recipe is using fresh herbs; therefore, you can make an alternative dressing if you have only dried herbs.

Sour Cream It adds creaminess and tang to your dressing. If sour cream, then you can use yogurt and mayonnaise. Also, we have an excellent guide on How to Make Sour Cream.

Green onions: add a mild onion taste and are a good substitute for chopped chives or, in a pinch, white onion or shallot. If you do not like onions, you can leave them out.

Garlic creates spice flavor, but there’s not enough garlic in the dressing to provide the garlicky flavor you’d expect from a top note. You are free to include more than the recipe requires to make it your own according to your preference. If you’re not an avid lover, then take it out.

Lemons: The juice and zest impart citrus-like notes and help pull all elements together. If you do not have lemons available, you can substitute them with vinegar or try the juice of a lime.

Apple cider vinegar gives a sweet, fruity acidity. You can also use other mild vinegar, such as white or rice wine. The vinegars that are deeply colored, such as balsamic and red wine, will make the color more muddy in the dressing; however, if you’re using all of them, it will still be delicious.


This creamy tart dressing is bursting with grassy notes derived from all of the herbs it’s made from and is an excellent addition to any hearty salad, especially salads like the Green Goddess Salad it was made to be used with. Dress it up to make the Salad a simple side Salad or substitute for the dressing used in Easy Creamy Cole Slaw. This dressing for the Green Goddess Salad recipe can also be used to dip into vegetable snack packs and Roasted summer vegetables.


The dressing that remains can be placed in an airtight container. Refrigerate for up to one week. Some people keep their Green Goddess Dressing in the freezer, but it dulls the color and flavor and requires you to mix it all over again since the components tend to separate when they melt. I would rather keep it refrigerated.


1 cup leaves of basil ($2.99)

1 Cup Italian leaf parsley ( $0.24)

1/4 cup frozen fennel frosts* ($0.77)

Four green onions root removed ($0.45)

Two cloves of garlic, chopped ($0.16)

One lemon Juiced and Zest ($0.79)

1 cup sour Cream ($1.25)

1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar ($0.06)

1/8 tsp salt or more if you like ($0.01)

One pinch of fresh ground black pepper or more if you like ($0.01)


Cut the basil leaves into pieces, Italian parsley leaves, Fennel fronds, and green onions. Cut garlic into small pieces. Zit and squeeze the juice of a lemon. Take out the sour Cream as well as the apple cider vinegar.

Incorporate the sour cream into the blender. Serve with herbs, Italian parsley leaves, green onions, fennel fronds, garlic, the zest and juice of a lemon, Apple cider vinegar, black pepper, and salt. Blend until smooth. If needed, add additional salt and pepper according to your preference. Sprinkle the dressing over your Salad and take a bite!

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