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Salsa is my favorite weapon for busy nights. It’s a single source for adding lots of flavor without the need chop, dice and measure millions of ingredients. All you need is contained in this container. It’s just effortless. Give this Creamy Salsa Chicken Skillet recipe a shot and you’ll become convinced.

If you’re a big fan or my slow cooker Taco Chicken Bowls, you’ll surely love this creamy Salsa Chicken Skillet, too. It’s similar to the flavors but it’s faster and slightly creamier.  If you didn’t make a point of getting the slow cooker on prior to leaving to work in the morning, you can make a similar dish using a skillet within 30 minutes.


You can make use of almost any store-bought salsa in this recipe, however I would recommend an extra-thick and chunky salsa to ensure that the sauce is rich and add texture. Choose a saucy type of salsa, instead of an uncooked, fresh type salsa that is juicy that is typically sold in the refrigerated area of the grocery department. Chipotle-flavored salsa is fantastic, however I’d not go for a fruity salsa (like pineapple or peach)


1 lb. skinless, boneless bird breast ($3.99)

1 teaspoon chili powder ($0.10)

1/2 teaspoon ground cumin ($0.05)

1/4 teaspoon of garlic powder ($0.02)

1/4 tsp salt ($0.02)

Half TBSP cooking oils ($0.02)

1 16oz. jar salsa ($1.79)

1 15oz. container of black beans ($0.59)

Half cup corn kernels frozen ($0.19)

1/3 cup sour cream ($0.56)

2 oz. queso fresco* ($0.40)

1 handful fresh cilantro, or chopped green onions ($0.12)

4 cups of cooked rice to prepare to serve ($0.70)


Pat the dry chicken using an absorbent paper towel. Set the chicken onto a cutting board, then protect it with a layer that is wrapped in plastic. Make use of a mallet or a rolling pin to lightly crush the chicken until it is an uniform size (about half-inch in thickness). This is crucial to ensure that the chicken cooks evenly and quickly, so that it doesn’t dry out.

Mix the chili powder the cumin powder his powder for garlic, salt and cumin in one small bowl. Sprinkle the spices on the chicken’s sides and rub it all over the surface to ensure that the chicken is evenly coated.

Heat a large deep skillet over medium heat. Incorporate the cooking oil and stir to coat the pan. When the skillet is hot add the chicken and cook both sides until golden and cooked to perfection (about 5 minutes per side. The time to cook will depend on the dimensions of your chicken pieces as well as the type of cooking equipment).

As the food is being cooked, wash then drain your black beans. Chop the cilantro roughly or cut the green onions, based on which one you prefer to use.

Transfer the cooked chicken onto an uncluttered cutting board and lay it aside while you make the delicious salsa. The burner should be turned down to medium-low. Place the salsa in the pan and stir it to dissolve the bits of browning from in the base of the pan. Include the beans as well as corn kernels frozen and let the sauce heat to a simmer.

To keep the sourcream from curdling once added in the salsa you must first add a few spoonfuls at a time, into the sour mix to gradually increase the temperatures and pH. When the sour cream has become just slightly warmed, pour it to the remaining salsa on the stove, and stir until it is well-mixed. Switch off the heat.

Cut pieces of chicken into pieces and place them on the top of the salsa’s creamy sauce. Cook in the oven. Sprinkle the skillet with shredded cheese, cilantro or green onions. Serve on a bed of cooked rice.

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