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This is only 1 of the 115 recipes in my Meal Prep Cookbook, which will be available on February 5th. Yes, all 115 recipes have nutritional information! This is my favorite recipe from the book. I don't know why. I love the book and all its recipes - which I do! But I make this recipe at least once every week. Some nights, I can make this dish in as little as 10 minutes. On those days, I use Trader Joe's microwave 3-minute jasmine-rice. Everyone has those shortcuts in their freezer. Ingredients 1 cup jasmine rice 1/2 cup chicken stock Reduced sodium soy sauce, three...
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The sheet pan allows for less mess and less washing up. This is a win for everyone. The broccoli is crisp and tender, while the steak is incredibly flavorful. You can make the sauce on the stovetop as you cook the beef and broccoli. Ingredients 1 cup basmati rice Cut 1 1/2 pounds of New York Strip steak into 1-inch pieces Divided into three tablespoons of reduced sodium soya sauce Divided into two tablespoons and two teaspoons of brown sugar Two heads of broccoli cut into florets* Two teaspoons of toasted sesame seed oil Three cloves garlic, minced Freshly grated Ginger,...
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It's not the worst thing ever. This salad is so healthy with all the carrots, cucumber, bell pepper, and avocado. I could eat it until my wedding. Please, I'd like a huge bowl of peanut sauce. This peanut sauce is so good it would make shoe leather taste divine. These crisp, crunchy, and healthy veggie rainbow rolls are sure to be a hit. If you want to save time, prepare all of your vegetables in advance (cut, diced, stored, etc.) so that you can wrap them before serving. These are best eaten immediately but can be kept chilled for a few days....
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Butters, dressed in his best American flag bandana, and these sticky sticky wings are the perfect way to celebrate. Nothing, right? These wings are the best part of the holiday. This caramelized glaze is perfect. The key is to broil the bad boys with the half of the glaze on and then toss them with the leftover glaze, before adding green onions and sesame seed. The crispness is perfect, with the right balance of sweetness, heat and savoriness. Oh, and beers. Don't forget the cold beer to go with them. Ingredients Chicken wings or drumettes weighing 2 1/2 pounds To taste, add Kosher Salt...
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Chiberia is officially experiencing the hottest summer in history. We took Butters and the corgi to the best pool party ever to cool down! Can we talk about these power bowls instead of baby corgis? On a bed farro, we serve everyone's favorite Korean Beef made from crumbled Beef (you can also use ground turkey or even chicken), caramelized Kimchi, shredded lettuce, and slices of avocado drizzled with Sriracha Mayo. You can add a little more or less Sriracha to your taste if you are a person who is not a fan of heat. This is a great meal to prepare...
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No, wait. Summer's two greatest pleasures. 1. Super sticky, saucy Asian chicken kabobs. And two more. And 2. That's basically what we've been doing in this summer heat, which beats those parka-glove-beanie-Chiberia days by a mile. We don't miss them at all. Instead, I marinate the chicken all summer long - letting it soak up all those saucy goodies - oyster, ketchup honey, chili, garlic, Dijon sauce, garlic, and ginger. Add more chili garlic sauce or Sriracha for extra heat. Ben then fires up his grill and lets it get smoky, charred, and delicious. Ingredients 1/4 cup oyster sauce Use two tablespoons of ketchup Honey 2 Tablespoons Use...
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This Thai Coconut Curry Soup is perfect for when it's cold outside, and the windchill temperature is 34 degrees F in October. This soup is brightened by the lime juice and Thai basil, which are freshly squeezed. The cilantro gives it just the right amount of heat. You can reduce the amount of red curry paste to suit your taste. You can serve the dish as it is: rice, rice noodles, shrimp, and chicken, or keep it meatless. Ingredients Coconut oil two tablespoons One large red pepper, thinly cut One large yellow bell Pepper, thinly sliced One medium red onion thinly...
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After all the pies and stuffings of the holidays, I'm going to need as many vegetables as I can get. This Stir Fry Recipe will help you sneak in as many vegetables as possible - bell peppers and mushrooms are all great options. You can also add carrots or green beans. This stir-fry sauce is the fastest you've ever made. It only takes 30 minutes or less. You only need chicken stock, rice wine vinegar, oyster sauce, and Sriracha. Ingredients Instant ramen noodles in 2 (3.5-ounce) packages with flavor packets. 1/3 cup chicken stock 1/4 cup oyster sauce 1 Tablespoon rice wine vinegar Taste one...
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I love love love a good grain bowl. It's packed with protein and vegetables and is also very filling. This time, I used the Korean Bowl version. This recipe uses my favorite Korean marinade with boneless and skinless chicken thighs. You can also use chicken breasts. To get the charred, smoky goodness, marinate for at least two hours before grilling. Cast iron pans will also work. Serve with caramelized kimchi, my favorite topping! Serve with your choice of base and desired toppings - caramelized kimchi (my favorite! ). It's so, so good. If you have one of these days, the Korean chicken and rice will be equally...