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At one point, I was contemplating purchasing an ice cream machine. I’m grateful I didn’t, as this no-churn ice cream method is a breeze and makes an ice cream that’s as silky soft and fluffy as churned ice cream, with no equipment needed. #WIN Although I haven’t created no-churn ice cream for quite a while (because it is possible to have too much of a good thing). possible to make too many good things) and with the abundance of fresh peaches available in the stores this season, I couldn’t resist making this tangy sweet, creamy No Churn Balsamic Peach Ice cream.


No. Ha, sorry to be so harsh. You can’t substitute heavy whipping cream or sweetened condensed milk in this recipe. The reason for keeping the ice cream that is no-churn smooth and fluffy without the need to churn it is based on the fat content high in heavy whipping cream and the sugar-rich content in the sweetened condensed milk. Without these two components, it won’t work.

You can use a different fruit instead of the peaches. Blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries all work perfectly with balsamic vinegar too. Remember that when your berries are especially tart, you might want to boost the amount of brown sugar.


Yes, I’ve cooked this recipe twice in the test phase. If you use frozen peaches, melt them before cutting them into pieces.


The way I served it was to help me with my No Churn Balsamic Peach Ice Cream with a waffle cone on the side. However, I thought breaking up waffle cones and swirling the crushed waffle cone in the Ice Cream could be delicious. Be aware that the waffle cone will likely soften due to the moisture in the Ice Cream.


2. Tbsp of butter ($0.27)

2 cups of chopped peaches (about two peaches) ($0.87)

1/4 cup balsamic vinegar ($0.55)

Two tablespoons brown sugar ($0.08)

1 14oz. can sweetened condensed dairy ($1.09)

1 tsp vanilla extract ($0.28)

One pinch of salt ($0.01)

1 pint of heavy whipping cream ($1.55)


Peel and chop your peaches into smaller parts (smaller chunks “float” in the whipped Ice cream instead of sinking into the top). The butter and the peaches are chopped in a skillet and cooked on medium-low for 5 minutes until the peaches are softened. Be sure that the butter does not turn brown during this process.

Add the balsamic vinegar and brown sugar to the pot. The heat will be increased to medium and cooked for another 5 minutes or until the balsamic vinegar is reduced to an opaque glaze. Place the balsamic peaches in a bowl to let them cool.

Condensed milk sweetened in a large bowl, and mix in the vanilla extract and some salt.

Using a whisk, a hand mixer, or a stand mixer, use a whipping cream until it forms stiff whipping peaks in a separate container.

Add a big dollop of the whipped cream into the bowl and sweetened condensed milk. Mix the ingredients to soften the sweetened condensed milk.

Pour 1/3 of sweetened, lightened, condensed milk into the bowl and the whipped cream. Gently fold them in. Repeat this two times until all the sweetened condensed milk goes into whipping cream.

Pour the whipped ice cream mix into a 2-quart freezer-safe container. If the container is large (like bread pans), put in one-half of the whipping mixture before topping it off with half the balsamic peaches, and then repeat. If you use a larger shallow dish (like the baking dish I used in my photos), add just one layer of the whipped cream, then cover the peaches with balsamic.

Use a spatula or a spoon to gently stir the balsamic peaches into the whipped ice cream mix. Be careful not to overmix in this recipe. You’ll want different Balsamic glaze in the form of ribbons. Simply run the spatula over the mixture one time.

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